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How to furnish your living room after a refurbishment

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

To make your living room cosy after refurbishing it, you should pick light colors, white walls, sheer cotton curtains that let some light through on cold winter days, a light floor - preferably white, beige or gray, etc. Nowadays, there are so many options and materials to choose from, from synthetic to natural, like wooden floors. One of my personal favourites.

When we have to choose colors for our living room, always pick one or two reigning colors, like white and gray, that are easy to combine with accessories in for example blue or turquoise. Don’t forget to add a touch of nature as well, like an Orchid or any other plant as there are so many. They are not only beautiful, they also have a function. (Con esto ya resumo todo de las plantas pero te lo traduzco de todas las maneras)

Apart from decorating our homes, they also purify them by helping us to get rid of toxic gases and particles.

As for the furniture, my composition speaks for itself...Have a look!

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